Venerable Christian Magazine Features Pregnancy Help Centers

Venerable Christian Magazine Features Pregnancy Help Centers

Billy Graham’s legacy lives on in various forms. One of them is Decision, a magazine designed to communicate the Word, share Bible issues and extend Graham’s legacy to more than 75 countries. And he recently shared an important story about Texas pregnancy help.

The article, “Trusting God to send us as missionariesshares the perspective of Houston Pregnancy Centers Executive Director Sylvia Johnson. It operates two centers in the city’s urban area: the Fifth Ward Pregnancy Help Center located at the corner of Shotwell and the East Freeway, and the Downtown Pregnancy Help Center located in San Jacinto and Alabama.

Serving those in need can come at a price.

“We were shot at, our windows were knocked down, there was a robbery across the street and bullets went through the wall,” Johnson says in the article. “But we trust God to send us as missionaries to a community that needs to hear the truth about Jesus Christ and the truth about how God created human beings in his image. How precious the life in them is.

Talk to Pregnancy Help News, Johnson said she decided to open her pregnancy centers near Houston abortion centers. It was important to be close to where the vulnerable women were heading.

She also talked about learning the truth about how abortion clinics target African Americans.

“We know Margaret Sanger’s beliefs about eugenics,” Johnson said. “We know the history of horrifying medical research on black and minority populations. We know that black, poor and other minority populations are targeted by abortion clinics even today.

Johnson also revealed another horrifying fact.

“Do you know that I have been approached many times by medical researchers asking me to use the women we serve to test new experimental contraceptives?” she asked.

Johnson revealed that the researchers said things like, “You have the women. They need it. It will be free!”

His response to them:Absolutely not!”

“Over 60 years of free contraception available to minority women, and we as a community have gotten worse,” she said. Pregnancy Help News. “If birth control was the answer, why are minority communities plagued by poverty, fatherlessness and despair and why are more black babies aborted than born in some major cities?”

Readers of the article also encounter another truth.

When women who wish to have an abortion see their unborn children moving in a ultrasoundthey often choose life.

The Decision The play extends beyond Houston and details another center in Texas, the Hope Women’s Center in McKinney, which experienced a true miracle in come back stronger after destruction February 2021 Ice Storm ravaged the site.

The proof of the Lord’s grace does not stop there and is illustrated by what was pointed out next in the article.

A woman served by Hope Women’s Center, initially open to the idea of ​​aborting her twins, had her prayers answered when the donation of an SUV made transportation impossible for this woman…who ultimately chose the life.

The Decision This article effectively illustrates the power of pregnancy help, as demonstrated by the two Texas Pregnancy Help Centers.

Women vulnerable to abortion and other people in need can get help and support through the centres; Click on HERE for contact information for Houston Pregnancy Centers, and HERE for the Hope Women’s Center. Support is available 24/7 through the Heartbeat International options line, click HERE for the contact center website, call 1-800-712-4357 or text 1-800-712-4357.

Amanda P. Whitten