Wizards of the Coast discontinues digital magazine Dragon+


Wizards of the Coast has discontinued its Dragon+ digital magazine after 41 issues. Many features and items that were released before will be migrated to D&D Beyond, which Wizards purchased earlier this year. A long article focused on the authors of Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel appeared on D&D Beyond last month and was written by Dragon+ editor Matt Chapman. D&D Beyond has also hosted near-daily previews of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, providing detailed insights into the playable races and monsters found in that book.

“We are incredibly proud of Dragon+’s success in reaching audiences through its app space as well as dragonmag.com,” Bart Carroll, Wizards of the Coast’s digital marketing director, wrote in the magazine update. “However, as we evolve D&D’s online presence, we have decided that Dragon+ 41 will be the last issue we publish in the current format.”

Wizards of the Coast launched Dragon+ in 2015, which was the successor to Dragon magazine. The magazine focused on interviews with designers, the history of Forgotten Realms, and previews of upcoming books. In fact, I liked both versions of the magazine. The print version ran for 300 issues and was a good way to get a feel for new material, without searching the internet or YouTube. The digital version was a bit better as it was free on the website and had embedded media content such as podcasts and YouTube. You can also download the Dragon+ app for Android and iOS. Although the magazine is discontinued, all back issues will continue to be available for the predictable feature.

Amanda P. Whitten