Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

Tiana Price, a sixth grade student at Woodbridge Middle School, recently featured on the cover of “Kind News Magazine.” The magazine helps students connect with animals and build empathetic relationships with them.

Tiana was honored to be featured in a magazine she has enjoyed reading since she was in kindergarten. In the issue, Tiana wrote about her experience with her cat during quarantine.

As a member of the Kind News Magazine Junior Advisory Board, Tiana helps create content for the magazine and its YouTube channel. She also works with her Girl Scout troop on service projects to benefit the Prince William County Animal Shelter.

Tiana combines her passion for helping animals with her love of needlework and crafts to help animals in need. On her website,, she features handcrafted pet items that she donates to animal shelters.

“I love animals and want to help rescuers, foster families and animal shelters as much as possible. The work they do and their animals mean a lot to me, ”said Tiana. “One of my goals is to own businesses that cater to animals and animal lovers.”

Tiana has a passion for helping animals and she encourages others to help animals as well. She gave a presentation on animal care to her Girl Scout troop and she provides instructions on her website on how to create pet supplies by recycling.