Your Favorite Collector’s Magazine Articles of 2020

Your Favorite Collector’s Magazine Articles of 2020


We dug through our online reviews to find the top 10 most popular Collector magazine articles among readers throughout 2020. This year, our readers have flocked to articles on how to adapt to the market conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the compliance challenges associated with out-of-debt debts. law and convenience expense. When it came to new ideas for collection strategies, the most popular articles included how to make the most of tax season and what to do when a consumer’s spouse answers the phone.

Enjoy the best stories of the year:

Number 10: “Shape your answer”

Using digital communications and sophisticated training specialists, lenders and their accounts receivable management partners continue to adapt to the needs of consumers as the COVID-19 crisis evolves. By Jeff Bernstein, September 2020.

Number 9: “A change of heart, in writing

How the 3rd Circuit ended a Divided Circuit over disputes under the FDCPA, finding that Section 1592 (a) (3) does not require them to be written. By Laura Dadd, July 2020.

Number 8: “Change direction”

We expected a disruption, but not this one. Here’s how ACA International members adapt to the complexity of our new world and position their businesses for success in the future. By Anne Rosso Mai, June 2020.

Number 7: “The Downside of Convenience Fees”

The fees can offset the administrative costs of debt collection, but they can also expose your business to potential liability. Proceed with caution. By David Anthony and Jonathan Floyd, August 2020.

Number 6: “Mapping the California Consumer Privacy Act”

What you need to know about the CCPA when evaluating your data privacy policies and procedures in the coming months. By Katy Zillmer, April 2020.

Number 5: “Election watch 2020”

It is a strange election year. Here’s what we’re seeing right now. By Patrick Russell, October 2020.

Issue 4: “California Consumer Privacy Law: Who Me?”

How to determine if you need to comply with the CCPA. (Better late than never!) By Anne Rosso Mai, October 2020.

Number 3: “It was about time”

We see new dangers in the collection of illegal debts. Here’s how to minimize your exposure. By Dennis Barton III, April 2020.

Number 2: “Take tax time”

Strategies to help you help consumers pay off their debt during tax season, including script ideas and tech tools. By Tim Dressen, February 2020.

Number 1: “Right-hand contacts: are spouses included?” “

How to proceed when a consumer’s spouse is online. By Angela Czerlanis, February 2020.


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